Saucy Piaffe Bathing Tote Package

CAD $199.99 CAD $199.99

Saucy Piaffe Bathing Tote Package

Never worry about splashing your tote again! A perforated bottom means water will drain and contents will stay dry.  Head to the wash stall with this grooming tote that resists rust and is intended to get wet. Our signature design has drain holes in the bottom so there is no accumulation of moisture, ensuring your grooming tools stay in good shape.  This set includes our Body Brush, our Dual-Fiber Dandy, Face Brush and No Knot Tail Brush.

Add a few more supplies and you will have a well-rounded tote set and a gleaming mount!

Add our signature Pedi-Pick, Scissors, Mane Comb and Pulling Comb for the total package.


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The SP Bathing Tote Package includes the following:

Bathing Tote:

  • A beautiful waterproof rust-proof tote with convenient handle and drain holes
  • Custom engraved plate in silver

Custom Horse Tail Brush:

  • Solid wood paddle brush
  • Secure pillow nestles over 600 non-pull bristles
  • Gets knots out easily and gently
  • Use gently starting from the bottom of the tail upwards

Custom Horse Face Brush

  • 5” x 1.75″ varnished wood back
  • Very soft white goat hair
  • Superb finishing brush
  • Customization included

Custom Horse Dandy Brush:

  • 6″ 1/4” x 2.5″ varnished wood back
  • Union center & Tampico border
  • Stiff center, softer border
  • Notches on sides for secure handling
  • Customization included

Custom Horse Body Brush

  • 7″ 7/8” x 3.5″ varnished wood back
  • Imported leather strap with custom imprinting
  • Very soft white goat hair
  • Superb finishing brush
  • Customization included

Additional information

Tote Color

Spring Yellow, Galvanized Blue, White, Teal, Galvanized Pink, Solid Blue