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You are one step closer to Living A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™
Which Mane and tail product is right for you?

The mane comb is an essential tool for braiding your horse’s mane and also pulling the mane for a neat and tidy show-ready turnout. Customize your mane comb with logo of choice and custom text and font. 

You need these custom grooming scissors if you are manicuring manes and tails. Sharp oversized blades easily cut through even the most coarse horse hair.

If you have a horse and it has a tail, you need this tail brush. Hundreds of small bristles get through tangles easily, helping to reduce breakage.

Click the videos to the right for a tutorial on how to build your own Saucy Piaffe Mane & Tail horse grooming products.

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Build your Mane & Tail product; shop complementing products:

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