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Made in England, this body brush fits perfectly in your hand and is long-lasting. Use for face or body. The secret to knowing which brush to use when is remembering that the denser the bristles, the less strokes are required to achieve a good final result. If you take a close look at the bristle density in the photo, you will note that you can’t see the wood block through the bottom. 

Looser bristle bundles make our standard body brush great for a less intense polishing routine. Great to use for distributing products with silicone based grooming products. 

This is the body brush you require if you are dealing with mud or a white horse who wakes up in the morning with a need for that extra rigorous curry. Use this brush against the grain of the hair to loosen debris and stains. 

Click the video to the right for a tutorial on how to build your own Saucy Piaffe brush.

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