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You are one step closer to Living A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™
Our equestrian brass and leather products are meant to help you keep organized. All of our halter plates fit a standard 1" halter. Our saddle plates are also a standard size to avoid confusion. All products come with the required attachments.
Which product do you need?

Our custom halter plates come in both brass and silver. They are 4.5 inches wide by 0.75″ high. This size will fit most standard halters. This product is made with quality lacquered brass so it resists tarnish. It is etched deeply using a traditional rotary technique. 

Saucy Piaffe custom saddle plates are also available in either lacquered brass or silver. They are 2.5″ wide by 0.36″ high, which is standard size for a saddle. They come with matching leather nails for attaching to the cantle of the saddle.

We also carry an alternative saddle plate version in silver. This scalloped shape adds a fancy non-traditional appeal to tack identification. These are especially lovely on black dressage saddles. They are also standard size.

Saucy Piaffe bridle plates are 2.5″ wide by .36″ in height. They fit most standard bridle crowns. The come in either brass or silver with matching rivets for attachment.

Our signature tack tags come in both brass and silver and in three sizes, 3/4″, 1/2″, 1″ and 1.25″. The smallest of these three sizes is ideal for bridles. The 1″ are great for martingales and girths, while the larger 1.25″ size is ideal for blankets. All tags come with matching split rings.

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