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Hold our hand through one of the most important steps towards becoming a successful Equestrian Brand

Our companion animal and equestrian logo design is award winning. The best logo design team combines good listening skill with solid technical know-how. That's what we are all about.

Equestrian logo design is not only an art form, but also an exercise in how much a designer know about horses.
Dressage topline, bascule, uphill build, on the vertical, up over the back, hunter knees, conventional vs. unconventional jumper form are all things we understand here at Saucy Piaffe. 
It’s also not just the details of discipline; it’s the details of breed. Roman nose vs. a triangular head featuring large eye, nostrils; and a signature jibba. Heavier types, athletic types and really typey types. Whatever that type may be, our familiarity with breed specific conformation allows for increased accuracy throughout the logo design process. When you rep yourself using a correct horse, your audience will know you are all about the details. 

If you are on this website researching about logo design it means we are effective on marketing our own brand; either through a good recommendation or a solid brand identity. We want to share our secrets with you. 


Equestrian branding starts with a good logo and is especially personal in the equestrian space because it is rooted in a passion for horses. Not all brand identities are rooted in an industry that orbits around the relationship between living creatures and their caretakers. 

A memorable and dynamic equestrian logo design is the first step towards establishing your equestrian brand. The process is often overwhelming for the average equestrian because they aren’t sure where to start or how to identify what’s most important when it comes to self-representation.

Enter Saucy Piaffe. 

We have a proprietary logo design process that has evolved into a successful means of helping our equestrian customers understand what they are looking for. We ask all the right questions to extract intelligence so we can assemble a sensible and accurate vision of equestrian brand identity. From there, we get to work. All you need to do is answer a few specific questions.

We encourage everyone to take a read of the article posted here to the right; it does a great job of explaining why being passionate about your equestrian brand identity is so important. This is how we approach our own equestrian brand and we want to share that same passion with you when it comes to yours. 



Open a Facebook chat, chat with us online, give us a call or send us an email.

We want to get to know you

A quick virtual "meet and greet" is important. We want to know you and understand the details of what you are looking for so we can tailor our process to your needs.
Let's Start!


Let's move forward! After we chat, we will request a deposit and get started.

Welcome to the family

A 50% deposit is requested to save your spot in queue and we will send you our proprietary logo questionnaire.


Return your logo questionnaire and after a quick review, we will put together our ideas based on your answers.

Let's get creative

Sit back and enjoy the view; your personal equestrian design assistant will provide concepts for your feedback and work with you to make changes.
I can't wait!


Absolutely Everything.

Working with you on your logo means we develop a close relationship; we get to understand what you stand for and the reasons behind your equestrian brand. 

We also have an in-house embroidery department specializing in taking the logos we create and putting them on over 500 different equestrian products; from horse clothing to stable accessories and rider wear. 

Farm signs, business cards, dry-erase boards; it’s all here. 

Let us start on this journey alongside you and support you through the process of developing a successful equestrian brand. 



Choose from one of our available hand-drawn options
$ 329
  • Choose from one of our hand-illustrated royalty-free designs
  • Add your custom text
  • Choose a custom font
  • Choose your custom colors
  • Up to three revisions
  • Design files: .eps., .jpg, .pdf
  • Special pricing on embroidered products


Custom hand-drawn logo made for you
$ 675
  • Fully-custom hand-illustrated equestrian brand identity
  • Personal design assistant
  • Custom text, font, colors
  • Proofs presented in realistic mock-ups
  • Special pricing on embroidered products
  • Up to six revisions
  • Design files: .eps., .ai, .jpg, .png, .pdf
  • Trademarking services available
  • Left chest embroidery file included


Logos for corporates looking for a new brand or re-brand
  • Fully-custom hand-illustrated equestrian brand identity
  • Enterprise project manager
  • Custom text, font, colors
  • Proofs presented in realistic mock-ups
  • Special pricing on embroidered products
  • Design files: .eps., .ai, .jpg, .png, .pdf
  • Book outlining brand standards
  • Special pricing for retainer
  • Trademarking services available
  • Left chest embroidery file included
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