Benefits of a Leather Halter

Benefits of a Leather Halter

A leather halter from Saucy Piaffe is a great addition to your horse’s list of equipment. It is necessary for getting your horse from point A to B safely and also allows for the transfer of critical information in emergency situations. Being able to easily identify your horse and contact the owner or vet quickly can be the difference between life and death.

When ordering your halter, we recommend purchasing a halter tag with your emergency information. Saucy Piaffe sells the widest variety of tags, from premium brass tags to colorful double-sided tags; with multiple options available. The best insurance is effective sharing of critical information. If your horse jumps a fence and goes off property, you want their safe return as soon as possible. The sooner the vet is called or the horse is found, the better the chance of recovery for the horse. Providing an adequate means of immediate identification is a must for all responsible horse owners. Our premium brass tags or colorful double-sided tags can be securely fastened to a halter with rings or s-hooks.

You can also purchase an emergency stall card that outlines who to contact in an emergency situation. Match this information to your halter tag and you have covered all your bases.

Aside from helping to identify your horse, Saucy Piaffe’s leather halters have additional benefits:

    • Appearance – Leather halters are attractive, professional looking and contribute to an overall polished appearance. Choose from either brass or nickel hardware, havana or black leather. Make sure the halter you choose has quality stitching and rolled throat straps (and all of ours do, so don’t worry!). Also remember to clip the throat latch with the clip facing outwards (there is a nerve that runs under the horses’ jaw that can get pinched by the clip, causing pain and discomfort). We have a few halter options to choose from: Our Padded leather halter, Walsh Classic Halter or Premium leather (comes in Warmblood size and in either brown or black with silver fittings).


    • Customization – All of our leather products come with a nameplate included in the price. This is the perfect finishing touch to your leather halter. Keep things organized in the barn, showcase it on the outside of your stall and once again, make the choice to keep your horse safe by clearly displaying his/her name! Add your halter tag for added identification in an emergency situation. Our Premium leather halter comes with the widest variety of options. Since our Premium leather halters are made to order, you can choose from a couple of color combinations and sizes; brass with brown leather, silver with black leather and special sizing is also available. We can also make matching leads so be sure to send us an email for your special order.


    • Safety – Our leather halters are made to last; however, if for some reason your horse gets caught on a fence or panics while tied, our leather halters are designed to break. Nylon halters are very dangerous unless they come with a leather breakaway strap. Even then, pulling hard on nylon can cause burns and cuts to a horse’s face. Invest in the safety of your horse with a Saucy Piaffe leather halter.


    • Longevity – A leather halter does require some maintenance over other types of halters, as the leather will need to be cleaned. We recommend using a damp sponge with basic saddle soap to keep your halter in good shape. Dust is a big enemy of leather. It’s microscopically sharp. It will grind into the matrix of the leather and degrade it. It is very important to wipe down your leather goods at least once a week.There is no need to oil our halters; they are already oiled before being shipped. Too much oil can also deteriorate the stitching. A little maintenance will help your halter to stay new looking for a very long time!Happy Halter Shopping! – SP


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